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The Mini shown in the above picture is affectionately known as Scruffy. In reality perhaps he should be known as Scruffy 2. Scruffy 1 was originally a 1972 Mini 1000 purchased for the princely sum of £75 back in 1988. The car was bought to reshell my previous Mini into. I should add that this car had already been reshelled once. So the very 1st body shell to bear “CSJ258L” was already probably in a landfill site. This car was purple in colour and bought as my first car for an extortionate £325.00 from a dodgy car trader in Paddock Wood and was responsible for the metamorphosis into the above machine. To Technical Specs page.

The first Mini had a small steering wheel and Cooper ’S’ wheels. Before my 17th birthday it also sported Cooper ‘S’ discs and a rev counter. However once it started to see use, it was noted that newspaper and underseal were no substitute for steel sills.

Scruffy ‘1’ was destined to have the same colour scheme as the car it replaced - Tartan red with a white roof - until I washed the car and discovered that Damask red was a nice colour.  Scruffy ‘1’ again had a load of welding done and in 1992 was introduced to the joy of a 16 valve engine with a special cylinder head and Weber Alpha fuel injection sitting on the good old A series Block. It was at this time that two old friends of mine ‘GB’ aka Graham Brockies and ‘Mr G’ - Andy Gosden christened the car ‘Scruffy’.

After an ‘off’ at Goodwood on a track day in March 1995, it again was reshell time - this time courtesy of an ‘Italian Job’ Mini which had been stripped and was sold as a bare shell for the bargain price of £325.00.

At this time the car was built into his present form and has recently been upgraded with a 2001 spec KAD cylinder head in the quest for more power. I should add that the old head is still perfectly serviceable but is NOT for sale as a spare engine will be built up. Click here or on the picture for the technical spec.

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